Social Media Marketing – 3 Benefits of Using Video on Social Media (Yes YOU Can Make Video, Honest!)

Videos add legitimacy to your profile.

With so many fraudsters and cons lurking in cyberspace, people are drawn to genuine individuals or businesses who are what they say they are. While it is not a foolproof method, adding videos to your social media profile confirms to people that yes you are real and definitely legitimate. Very few people are willing to post videos of themselves unless they are the real deal.

For instance, if you are selling a product, you can include a video that gives a brief introduction of the product. Showing your potential clients where your business is located also helps them feel safe enough to consider transactions with you. In the case of a social site such as a dating site, videos allow the other party to “meet” you in advance. They can therefore decide whether they want to continue interacting with you or not.

Viral videos are a boost for your business

If you have online business, it is very likely that you suffer from envy every time you come across a video that has gone viral. I know I certainly do and then work harder at creating videos with viral potential. Imagine that could be your video could be enough motivation for you to get started on making that video. As a business person, your goal should be to get your product ‘out there’ and reach out to as many consumers as possible. Viral videos that are viewed by millions of people often result in increased sales as more people are drawn to the product.

If you want to have a viral video of your own, make a good quality video and share it on your social media profile. After it’s picked up by a couple of your friends, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many people will pick it up

Videos are concise

Unlike written content which might be boring to many people, videos are short and straightforward. As such, they are a great way to get your message across within a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about misunderstandings if you explain yourself clearly. You can also be sure that the message will be put across effectively. Remember, the online consumer does not have time to read through wordy paragraphs that give little information and videos are the perfect remedy for this.

Social Media – An Essential Marketing Tool!

Social media marketing is an essential part of advertising one’s website in the present times when doing business online. It’s the norm of the day. Social media marketing actually happens to be the integrated marketing communications plan for any organization. It is basically practiced to reach out to the target markets by organizations. Promoting your website never used to be so easy. But now through social media marketing, you can advertise your site and do direct publicity. It takes care of public relations as well. Companies these days collaborate and share information online and build connections through social media communication tools.

Social media is easily accessible to people having an Internet connection. If the organizations can improve their communication, it will result in building brand image and better customer service as well. This platform also happens to be cheaper than the other ones. The marketing campaigns could be easily handled on this platform and that too without spending much. Organizations can connect with people at large through websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These have actually reduced the distance between people and organizations and hence the barrier between effective communications is not there anymore.

There are several benefits of combining social media marketing with search engine optimization. Improved search engine ranks and low budget are two of the benefits. However, you will reap the benefits only if you can effectively combine the two. A flowchart will help you establish the right balance, which includes finding the proper audience, setting up goals and laying the base on which your strategy can be executed. Creating useful content in any form without marketing it is loss of time, resources and money. You have to make that available to the people searching for the content.

Interactions of people posting on social networking sites can generate content which contributes in better visibility of the brands. This happens through blog posts, videos, profiles and other forms of online tools. Social web encourages participation, commenting, linking and sharing. Therefore, search engine optimization becomes easy when link building can be done through social web. You will be able to receive a good number of useful inbound links through the social web which gets the maximum exposure and traffic.

To achieve the desired results, it is important to follow a roadmap in which the first step is to find the audience. You first need to recognize the preferences, methods of publishing and behaviors of the audience. Many companies use software to track their audience’s conversations to hit upon keywords. These companies can comprehend the pulse of the audience properly. The next step is to define the objectives. An objective’s organization is maximizing profit which directly depends on the sales. SEO is known to contribute in increasing sales. SEO plays a critical role in discovering social communities through content which is the objective of social media marketing.

The objective in combining both is promoting sales and this should be done through interactive content. People posting on social network sites comment on the content and hence the content should be easily understandable to initiate conversation. Track the websites where your target audience spends most of the time interacting. Optimize the content accordingly using proper keywords. Keyword glossaries are useful for anchor texts and headlines which can reach out to bloggers.